Let's bring KIZINGO to your customers!

Why sell KIZINGO?

Your customers will love our products because they:

  • Are made in bold beautiful colors

  • Promote healthy habits

  • Encourage independence, especially at mealtime

  • Support successful self-feeding

    Customers who love our products:
    • Care about the health & development of their children

    • Want high-quality products that support independence & learning

    • Want products on the cutting-edge


    What makes KIZINGO special?

    • Award-winning design

    • Works with the way young children hold and use utensils

    • BPA, PVC, phthalate, and lead-free

    • Short, wide handle for easy grip

    • Supports appropriate portion sizes

    • Encourages independence durnig meal-time

    • Designed by nutrition experts... and moms

    • Made in the USA!

    US Retailers

    Are you interested in bringing KIZINGO products to your store? So are we!

    Fill Out Our Retailer Application

    But we need to do our homework first. Please fill out the retailer application using the link above. Once reviewed, we'll create an account and get started. A response will be provided to all inquiries within 30 days.

    Retailer Requirements

    • We do not allow 3rd party sellers.
    • We strictly enforce MAP pricing.
    • Retailers are required to have a credit card on file and pay at the time an order is placed.
    • Minimum first quantity is 24.

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