About Us

meet the CO-FOUNDERS


Co-founders Kiyah and Lisa share Maine roots, but their paths first crossed while living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where Lisa was Kiyah's nutrition graduate school professor. Ten years later, their paths crossed again.

This time they were both moms and they rediscovered a shared passion for food, creativity, and an interest in helping little ones learn to feed themselves.

You see, they knew what parents could do to help their kids succeed at mealtime and learn to love eating healthy foods, but didn't see the right tools to help them do that. Thus started a quest to find a better spoon and fork. When the right utensil just couldn't be found KIZINGO was born!

KIZINGO products are 100% Made in the USA. Safety tested + Certified. BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate-free. 


In 2010, Kiyah and her husband lived and worked in Tanzania. As a nutritionist and mother to a little girl who was just learning to eat solid foods, Kiyah eagerly experimented with fresh local produce - much of it new to her family - and local recipes. The name KIZINGO means CURVED in Swahili and honors that time of exploration and discovery.

Kizingo kids_beginning solid foods